Start spreading the Love (beta) January 7th

Eskil Steenberg’s Love, the “not-so-MMO” first-person adventure videogame is no longer in Alpha testing. In a recent official Web site update, I’m left to assume that the game has entered some sort of closed beta phase that will open rather soon — as in, January 7th soon.

“The Alpha has closed down and the Beta will open the 7th of January,” the small update reads. “Until then only existing registered Alpha players will be able to play the Beta.”

Don’t know what Love is? Join the club — even our own indie enthusiast Anthony Burch is a bit stumped. “As far as I can tell,” Burch told me, “it’s a quasi-MMO with heavy procedural scripting where most of the content comes out of that procedural generation rather than pre-baked missions or whatever.”

“Beyond that, I have absolutely no idea. Everyone I’ve spoken to who has seen a demo of it comes away flabbergasted, though.”

The game’s official Web site has information, most of it attempting to explain how Love players will be able to shape the game’s story, interaction, and even AI. A brief video demo of the game is available on the Web site as well. It goes a long way in showing off the game’s more concrete components. Good thing, too. My head was about to explode from artsy-fartsy overload.

Love Join.txt [Love Official Web site, via Blues News]

Brad BradNicholson