Start a metal band with LABO Toy-Con Garage guitars

Do you kids know about cardboard guitars?

Nintendo have released the third video in their Toy-Con Garage series, showing you some of the fun inventions you can put together with just some cardboard, some imagination and a $300 video games console.

This video shows how you can use the Toy-Con Garage kit to make a guitar. As always, it involves the cause-and-effect mechanics of the software’s “node” system, where the user redefines sounds and actions based on movement, infra-red sensors, or button presses. In the video, nodes are instructed to play guitar sounds, then rubber bands are used over the touchscreen to create a “strumming” effect.

From there, users can even program other nodes in order to change pitch and effects. This all leads to a Labo band, complete with guitar, drums and two keyboards. It’s the best Nintendo music performance since, well… that one.

True story: In the late ’70s, cardboard guitars were an actual craze. Metal-heads would cut guitar shapes out of cardboard, then would actually take them to nightclubs to “play” along with the music. In the go-go ’80s/’90s, we were too lazy to make props, so we just pretended to play with air. Less hassle. Just as uncool.

Where was I? Oh yeah, for all the cheese of these videos, I genuinely think Toy-Con Garage is a great concept. With some ingenuity and invention, people are going to come up with some really out-there ideas. I’m looking forward to weird and wonderful YouTube videos when the software launches, April 27, on Nintendo Switch.

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