Stars, wars, and lasers with Alex and Mike of Totally Choice

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The Bit.Trip series has gone on to become one of the higher profile indie success stories in recent years, but there was a time when Bit.Trip co-creator Alex Neuse was on a very different path, toiling away at LucasArts on a project that would never come to life. Maybe it’s not a coincidence that  this former employee of George Lucas would go on to make so many games about space. Nearly every game that Alex that Alex’s independent game studio Choice Provisions (formerly Gaijin Games) days would be related to space in one form or another. The previously mentioned Bit.Trip series, the recently released Laserlife, the upcoming astronaut cannibal adventure Tharsis, and the light-hearted romp Space Dave! are just a few examples of the cosmic-themed adventures that Alex and Choice Provisions have created in the intervening years. 

Today on Sup Holmes we’ll be talking to Choice Provisions co-founders Mike Roush and Alex Neuse about where they’ve been, where they are going, how it’s felt to grow from their humble WiiWare exclusive days into a publisher who works on nearly every platform, simultaneously generating original games while promoting games from other developers like DriveDriveDrive!, Shutshimi, and a lot more.

Join us live at 2:30pm for the whole ding dong. 

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