Stark, trippy shooter Myriad also heading to PS4 and Vita

Another baffling press release, too

Earlier this year I was impressed by several parts of Myriad. The first was its use of bold colors and hard edges. The second was its unique mechanical take on the twin-stick shooter genre. The third was its head-scratchingly obtuse press release. Seriously, go read it. It feels like it belongs in a poetry slam.

Good news for anybody who also liked the look of Myriad: not only did it make it through Steam’s Greenlight process, thus securing a spot on the digital distribution platform, but it also attracted Sony’s attention. The shooter is now set to appear on both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

To commemorate the news, developer Erlend Grefsrud has produced a new trailer (above), which manages to be more vague about the gameplay than the last. Grefsrud has also written a new flowery verse, which I cannot help but paste here (below).

Myriad is a beatmatched crystallization of arcade aesthetics. It’s a game that grows more and more beautiful the better you play, where you make and break worlds, control time and bend space — all for one thing: Performance.

Myriad is purely about performance. It’s stark naked, with no story, no obvious meaning at all, just actions and consequences, crisp shapes and you. Everything springs out of your performance.

Darren Nakamura
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