Stargate Worlds goes from Kel’no’reem to Kree’ta

Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, known for never releasing any Stargate game worth playing, has apparently lost the license MGM Studios had granted it in 2006. While Stargate Resistance is currently safe because it was released before the license was revoked, things are not looking good for the long delayed MMO Stargate Worlds.

Although MGM itself filed for bankruptcy on November 3rd in order to reboot itself with new management, it has stated it plans to retain the Stargate franchise and to raise $500 million for “new slate of films and television series”. In a nutshell, musical montages for Stargate Universe are safe for now, awful looking MMOs are not.

It’s a shame really, because the Stargate franchise has a very rich universe that would fit a lot of game genres. Hopefully MGM will offer the license to a new studio that is able to actually deliver a game.

Games like, oh I don’t know, a story-driven four player co-op SG-1 shooter a la Left 4 Dead? A strategy game like Galactic Civilizations II set in the Stargate universe? A space combat sim in the X-Wing tradition? An RTS with Earth soldiers, Jaffa warriors, some Lucian Alliance scum, Death Gliders and X302s duking it out on the battlefield?


[Nerdvana via CVG]

Maurice Tan