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Starfield's literal milky way

Many of us remember a simpler time when wild Skyrim cheese and cabbage physics videos were the best thing on the Internet. The bad news is that you didn’t just wake up from the coma that you had entered after you beat Skyrim. The good news is that Starfield players are bringing that Nostalgia back and making better physics videos than ever before.

Video game physics has gone a long way since the release of Skyrim back in 2011, and a whole new generation of players is trying their hand at messing with Starfield’s top-of-the-line physics. The results are sometimes hilarious, like the time when someone said that Starfield’s physics were sh*tty. Crappy mistake, my dude.

That beautiful video by YouTuber Dennios will amaze many, but not everyone. It’s important that we all take off our nostalgia glasses when looking at similar videos. While Skyrim players had a lot of fun spawning way too many physics objects, that game didn’t react very well to having even 100 cabbages on screen. Managing to even put one thousand of one thing on screen without Starfield immediately crashing tells a lot about the quality of its engine.

With that being said, here’s Youtuber jackfrags spawning over one million potatoes inside a house.

In defense of the Starfield haters, though, the game did slow down after he spawned all those potatoes.

And whereas some of these videos are just hilarious, some others are just absolutely breathtaking. Here’s Dennios once again, this time spawning 10,000 milk cartons atop a building to see them beautifully cascading down.

And even better is seeing Dennios creating a 10,000-long row of milk cartons — a literal Milky Way — and then flying through them in zero gravity.

And to think that the devs never intended to see players playing around with thousands of milk cartons in space…

And I know that you’ve just seen looks amazing, but who the hell am I kidding? I know damn well that everyone’s here to see some cheese action, so here you go:

You can now spawn tens of thousands of physics objects in Starfield on PC and Xbox X|S

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