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Starfield is getting Year 2 DLC, Todd Howard confirms

Nirn DLC when?

Bethesda Softworks has got some pretty big plans for Starfield‘s post-launch content, and the upcoming Shattered Space expansion pack, which is due to launch this Fall, is just the start of it. In fact, the term “annual expansions” is already being thrown around.

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This information comes from a new interview held by YouTuber MrMattyPlays, who had the opportunity to spend a full hour talking about all things Bethesda Softworks with none other than Todd Howard himself. The duo discussed a whole slew of topics ranging from the future of Fallout all the way to the company’s immediate plans for Starfield. The plan, according to Howard, is to continue supporting Starfield for as long as possible, and a tentative second year of content is already confirmed with a premium DLC headlining its offerings.

There will be more DLC for Starfield after Shattered Space comes out

“This is the scope that works for our development and doing this kind of annual story expansion type of thing,” Howard said when explaining Shattered Space‘s scope and goals, as the DLC is set almost entirely on a single planet and city.

MrMattyPlays was, of course, quick to ask about Bethesda’s plans for potential yearly expansions, and Howard was happy to explain what was up with that: “We’re planning for the one after [Shattered Space],” he said. A second major DLC is, then, good as confirmed for Starfield. Sadly, Howard wasn’t keen on revealing much of anything about the DLC, aside from the fact that it’s going to happen, but it’s good news indeed.

Starfield may not be entirely perfect, all things considered, but it sure has been racking up some solid wins as of late. Not only has it received a fairly chunky gameplay update just last month, but Bethesda also managed to push out the long awaited Starfield Creation Kit, essentially opening the modding floodgates for the game once and for all.

Curiously, Howard was also careful to reference Bethesda’s earlier announcement about the Starfield update cadence, wherein Bethesda promised that there’d be roughly six weeks between each major patch in 2024. This, as Howard puts it, isn’t necessarily “helpful” in that there may be shorter and longer gaps between updates as Bethesda Softworks continues working on it. It’s not a huge deal, all things considered, but it ought to help set the correct expectations for the foreseeable future.

So, good things ahead, that’s for sure. While we’re still some ways away from the release of the big Shattered Space DLC – which Todd Howard specifically compared to Fallout 4‘s beloved Far Harbor DLC – Starfield‘s modding scene is now burgeoning anew both via the in-game Creations menu and through the usual Nexus website. New armor sets, weapons, gameplay mechanics, rebalancing attempts, and even points-of-interest are already available and come highly recommended, so be sure to check those out.

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