Starfield, for those still playing, finally supports AMD FSR 3

Plus, support for Intel’s XeSS. Remember that?

Starfield logo and AMD logo in space with a dark planet behind them.

For a game that was built in collaboration with AMD, it seems surprising that it’s taken this long for Starfield to support FidelityFX Super Resolution 3. However, the most recent update now makes it compatible with the image upscaling algorithm. But of course, there’s a slight catch.

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The recent patch notes, as well as a message on Twitter/X, show that Bethesda has finally enabled the option for FSR 3. The slight downside to this is that it’s only released in Steam Beta, but at least it’s started rolling out now, I guess.

As for what else version 1.9.67 of Starfield includes, we’re being told that Intel’s own Xe Super Sampling – a rival to FSR and Nvidia’s DLSS – is also supported now. There have also been a few other fixes, but apart from the aforementioned AMD and Intel tech, this seems like a relatively small update.

The future of Starfield…

We all know the story now, but it’s worth repeating. For what was the most hyped-up game of this generation, many of us were left largely shrugging our shoulders after a few hours of playing.

At the time of writing, SteamDB shows that 5,310 people are currently playing Starfield on PC. That’s not enough for a Bethesda game that – as the studio continued to remind us – was almost 25 years in the making.

We’ve been promised some major updates to the game in the future, which may or may not represent turning points. The reality of the situation, however, is that while some people will be happy FSR 3 is now an option, it’s going to take more than that to get people interested in the game again.

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