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Starfield Alternating Currents Choice – Which side should you choose?

Does this choice matter in the long run?

In Starfield — like in many other Bethesda titles — you may find yourself being forced to make a choice between two amorphous sides of a conflict. One such conflict exists on Jemison in the city known as New Atlantis. After you’ve completed a quest called “Tapping the Grid,” talk with Louisa Reyez again, and you’ll begin the quest called “Alternating Currents” which requires you to make a small choice. 

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“Alternating Currents” will have you join Louisa in an effort to prove that the Trade Authority — or, more specifically, its representative Zoe Kaminski — is behind a power drain in The Well. As soon as you encounter Zoe, however … well, one could argue that she’s unpleasant. But, as you complete the quest, while Louisa requests that you hand over any evidence you find to her, Zoe will ask that you instead choose to submit any relevant evidence to her.

So, you have a choice to make: Zoe or Louisa?

Which side should you choose in Starfield Alternating Currents?

It doesn’t seem to matter in the long term who you choose to submit the evidence to. In any case, you’ll receive the same amount of credits and experience, and “Alternating Currents” will be marked as completed. But there are differences in dialogue depending on whether you pick Zoe or Louisa.

If you decide to go with Louisa, she’ll thank you for sticking by her even when Zoe offered you a deal. Louisa will then confront Zoe, and after some passive aggression on both sides, the conflict will come to a swift conclusion. On the other hand, if you decide to hand the evidence over to Zoe, she implies that the Trade Authority owes you a favor, and the subsequent passive aggression is even more than if you pick Louisa. 

There doesn’t appear to be any long-term consequences, regardless of who your choice for “Alternating Currents” is, so it’s entirely up to you. 

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