Starfield addictions – how addiction works and how to cure it

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Starfield convinces you to immerse yourself in its world and interact with as many items as possible. You’ll find that some drugs and medicines you consume come with many buffs, but they can leave you with an addiction if you use them too much.

Once you’re plagued with an addiction in Starfield, you’ll need to constantly feed it or else you’ll have some of your stats nerfed. If you’re not paying attention, you might unexpectedly find yourself with an unwanted addiction. This guide will explain how these addictions work and what you need to do to get rid of them.

Stimulants addiction in Starfield.
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How do addictions work in Starfield?

Much like real life, trying out different substances in Starfield is fun. You can visit the various bars and try out different drinks that boost your persuasion. You can also visit Neon and do Aurora which is an exclusive drug. Consume it too much and you’ll find yourself addicted.

When you’re trying to boost your health or give yourself benefits, be careful, as using some aids too much will result in an addiction. Such items include Squalls, AMPs, Reconstim, and Hippolyta.

You can check what addiction you’re suffering from by opening up the menu and then opening the health tab. Here, you’ll see what the effects of your addiction are. If you don’t constantly feed your addiction, you will undergo withdrawals, resulting in some massive stat nerfs. For example, you can expect a reduced ability to carry cargo, as well as a diminished O2 capacity.

Doctor in Starfield.
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How to cure addiction in Starfield

Once you’ve got an addiction, you’ll want to get rid of it pretty quickly. The easiest way to do this is to visit a doctor and pay a small fee. You can find doctors in most settlements. You’ll find Reliant Medical easily when walking down Neon’s main street. There are also a few medicines you can purchase. Look out for these products:

  • Addichrone – use this to temporarily halt your stimulant addiction
  • Junk Flush – Junk Flush is incredibly useful, as it instantly cures you of your addictions

In addition to addictions, you’ll also have to contend with status afflictions in Starfield. These strike you when you’re exposed to toxins or injured, and you’ll have to find the right aids to cure yourself.

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