Stardew Valley’s fantastic multiplayer mode is finally live on PS4 this week, delayed on Xbox

Another excuse to boot this up for 100+ hours again

Stardew Valley slowly evolved into a worldwide phenomenon before our very eyes. What started as a low key send up to Harvest Moon in early 2016 became a craze with a massive modding community, then really took off when it hit consoles later in the year. Things got even crazier once the multiplayer update arrived on PC and Switch in 2018. But what about PS4 and Xbox One? Well, they took a little more time, and now they’re nearly ready. About that.

Developer ConcernedApe noted on Twitter that there’s good news and bad news, and naturally, I’ll start with the former. The good news is that the PS4 multiplayer update is finally certified, and was pushed to the platform last night. The bad news? Well, the Xbox One edition failed certification again, and still has an unspecified release date. As open as ever, ConcernedApe explained that they are doing “everything within their power” to see what the deal is and solve the issue with the porting company: apologizing for the delay.

I can tell you without hesitation: it’s worth the wait. The multiplayer update changed how I approach the game forevermore, and I really do mean forevermore, as I’ll probably be playing Stardew Valley throughout my lifetime.

ConcernedApe [Twitter]

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