Stardew Valley won’t make the Nintendo Switch launch

The next console update is coming in early February

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Stardew Valley on handheld systems sounds alluring to the point where I might conceivably triple-dip for the upcoming Nintendo Switch version. Unfortunately but understandably, creator Eric Barone has confirmed that the game won’t be a launch title for the system on March 3, 2017 (reminder: the Wii U port was dropped), but he is “still planning on bringing it to [Switch] later this year.”

What’s more, Stardew Valley might also one day make it over to PlayStation Vita. Might. “We are currently investigating the possibility of a PS Vita port,” Barone said in a blog post. So while it’s far too early to get excited about that prospect, dang, that sure would be sweet to see.

As for the existing console versions, an update to address “the issue where saved games become unload-able” and “several other issues” is expected to go out in early February. Additional localization (into languages like Spanish, German, and Japanese) will be beta tested on Steam in early February as well, and the long-awaited cooperative multiplayer is still “going to be a while yet.”

Lastly, Barone says he intends to better incorporate gamepad controls on PC and consoles “in a future patch.” I don’t mind the cursor-based navigation all that much, but it can be tedious at times.

Stardew Valley Progress Update — Second console patch, localization, and more [Stardew Valley]

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