Stardew Valley will have more NPC events and a re-spec option next year

Plus something new for collectors

Stardew Valley creator Eric Barone has been teasing a new content update for a while now, but I haven’t really been able to gauge how much (or how little) to expect. Which is fine! I’m just happy the support is ongoing, including an upcoming PS Vita version. That said, he did talk specifics today.

So, on top of multiplayer (which is now aiming for a beta release on PC in Q1 2018), we can look forward to more interactions with the townsfolk, more collecting, and a way to salvage our less-than-ideal profession choices now that we’ve learned what’s what in Pelican Town. I’m stoked for this one.

These additions “will come to consoles,” but they’ll appear on PC and Mac first.

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Jordan Devore
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