Stardew Valley on Switch is getting video capture, faster save times

Still anticipating the multiplayer update

ConcernedApe and Chucklefish do it, juggling so many different versions of Stardew Valley at this point, but bug fixes and the like usually come pretty quickly.

A significant update just dropped for Switch, which includes the coveted video capture feature (that’s not standard for all Switch games sadly), faster save times, better controller syncing, and a number of other smaller bugs. We’re still waiting for the big multiplayer update at the moment, which will hit both the PC and the Switch first before anywhere else.

I pretty much experienced everything there is in Stardew when I tore into it last Christmas, but I still like going back to my town to check on it from time to time. A major patch like the multiplayer addition is just what I need to bring me back in.

1.2.36 Patch Notes [Stardew Valley]

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