Stardew Valley is starting to flesh out its marital life

And animal products are more valuable

After making it through the first full in-game year of Stardew Valley (20-something hours, real time), I have cooled on it enough that I can get back to managing a decent night’s rest. But things were looking spotty for a while there. I was obsessed! And there are still whole sections and mechanics I’ve barely touched (namely, anything to do with relationships) since I’ve been so focused on raising animals.

This week’s update is concerned with both of those elements — it adds unique dialogue for all spouses, who will “now leave the house on Mondays,” and increases the value of most animal products. What’s more, holly has become poisonous and other miscellaneous issues should be straightened out.

“Note: animal product prices and edibility of holly will only take effect on items generated after the update,” says designer Eric Barone. “Items that already existed before updating will still have the old prices/edibility.” He’s also promising “more marriage improvements to come.”

Barone took to reddit today for an Ask Me Anything session. One of the more pressing questions raised, “Are they stems, or worms?” was met with a maddening “yes.”

New Build — 1.06 [Steam]

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