Stardew Valley is headed to iOS this month and then Android

$7.99 for the complete game

We’re two weeks out from the iPhone and iPad versions of Stardew Valley. I thought I owned enough copies of the delightful farming sim, but here I go again. The mobile port sounds too good to pass up.

Creator Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone has tapped The Secret Police to handle the iOS and Android ports of Stardew Valley, and they’ve been at work “for about a year.” The game is the full version we know and love, albeit with a new built-for-touch interface. There aren’t any in-app purchases.

Stardew Valley will launch for iOS on October 24, followed by the Android version at a later date. It’ll be just $7.99, and existing players can transfer their PC save data. (Minus mods and multiplayer.)

To clear up concerns about multiplayer on consoles, Barone notes that mobile development “has had no impact” on the timeline “as they are being worked on by two entirely separate teams/companies.”

“Console multiplayer is making great progress and I have every intention to release it as quickly as possible,” he explained. “For a quick update on where it’s at, the Switch Multiplayer update is coming along well, and has now gone into QA (quality assurance testing). Xbox One and PS4 Multiplayer updates will follow (all being done by Sickhead Games). I promise to keep you all updated on any news I get regarding release time frames for all the consoles. I really appreciate everyone’s patience.”

Stardew Valley coming to mobile [Stardew Valley]

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