Stardew Valley creator calls upcoming version 1.4 the ‘everything update,’ aims to add massive changes throughout the game

It’ll come when it comes

Stardew Valley continues to amaze pretty much everyone years removed from its launch. Created by just one person, the project has hosted tons of free updates and massive quality of life improvements, as well as full mod support on PC, in an era full of microtransactions and seedy monetization schemes. It’s paid off dividends for creator Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone, and USGamer recently got a chance to chat with him about the upcoming 1.4 patch and the current state of his “studio.”

1.4 is going to be pretty huge, and will “add some depth to post-marriage life” (a common complaint from hardcore players), as well as touch on pretty much “everything” else. Barone notes that the patch will range from small quality of life improvements (being able to see if an item contributes to the community center end goal by highlighting it) to “rich and rewarding” content.

He also addresses the move back to self-publishing, noting that he prefers to do things on his own, and allows him to “fuss over the little details” without having to worry about anyone else. Barone hopes to self-publish future games, whatever that project might be after he perfects Stardew. To that end, he formed a small team to help build out Stardew Valley and is “slowly and cautiously,” working on his new unannounced game. There are “no plans” to expand his operation beyond this scope in the future.

So about that multiplayer update on mobile and Xbox One? Barone is “doing everything in [his] power” to make that happen “as soon as possible.” Like all things Stardew Valley related for the past three years and change, it’ll come when it comes, and it’ll be worth the wait.

Stardew Valley’s Creator on Self-Publishing, the “Everything” Update, and His Future as a Solo Developer [USGamer]

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