StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void details cross-game pre-order bonuses

For Hearthstone, Diablo III, and Heroes

[Update 2: Said details can be found here, and check out the debut trailer below for the prologue. A retail Collector’s Edition is confirmed, and Heart of the Swarm is now a standalone game as of today.]

[Update: Blizzard has informed Destructoid that the pre-order system isn’t fully live yet, and should be in full working order later today. More details are also coming soon.]

It looks like Blizzard is starting to heavily promote Legacy of the Void, the newest StarCraft II expansion/standalone release.

In addition to beta and prologue access, pre-ordering the digital deluxe edition (for $20 more) will net you new portraits and a unit skin for StarCraft II, a pet, transmog, and card back for WoW, Diablo III, and Hearthstone respectively, and a Void Seeker Mount for Heroes of the Storm. The latter bonus is really what’s tempting me here.

Legacy of the Void is still on for a “winter 2015/2016” release.

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