StarCraft favorite Fenix is the next Heroes of the Storm character

Warping in soon ™

As announced during a talk at BlizzCon 2017, Blizzard is slowing down a bit when it comes to Heroes of the Storm hero releases. While the original cadence for the last few years has been “three to four weeks,” our last hero, the warden Maiev, dropped on February 6. 

Fans were so used to the original schedule that they’ve been pining for a new hero tease or announcement of any kind, and as of this week the publisher has acquiesced with a small clip for Fenix of StarCraft fame. As a reminder, Fenix is a zealot of the Protoss, a great warrior and friend of Raynor who was injured in battle. He was then given another chance at glory in a Dragoon vehicle, which is shown off prominently in the teaser.

There’s a lot of speculation as to whether or not his Dragoon form is a passive that triggers when he dies, an ultimate, or his permanent form, but we’ll know more soon enough as Fenix presumably gears up to enter the PTR.

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