Starbreeze’s Syndicate game to be a first-person shooter

Now, now, fellow PC gamers. Before you snap your keyboards in half and stain your monitors with bile, this news is technically about “Project RedLime”, which, while long rumored to be a reboot of Bullfrog and EA’s classic Syndicate franchise, has not been officially confirmed. So one could justifiably file this one under “rumor”.

A feature on 1up about Starbreeze, the Sweden-based studio responsible for The Darkness and Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay suggests that RedLime would be blending Syndicate‘s corporate future-dystopia universe with first-person gameplay, with “a bigger multiplayer focus than past Starbreeze games.” The game would also have a stronger emphasis on a “core mechanic” to differentiate it from other shooters or similar games.

Well, as I know it, Syndicate‘s “core mechanic” was that you played a nasty corporate overlord manipulating a team of heavily armed, drugged-up, cybernetically-enhanced agents and using them to accomplish various dirty deeds from an isometric perspective, including assassinating uncooperative politicians, blowing up rival businesses assets, or walking through crowds with a “Persuadertron”, instantly brainwashing dozens of civilians to use as walking meat-shields.

Keep some of that, Starbreeze, and we’ll be cool.

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