Star Wars: Uprising picks up right after Return of the Jedi

It’s an action-RPG for mobile, though

Yeah, I know. Mobile. But even if you have zero interest in the game, at least watch this trailer. Star Wars: Uprising fills story gaps between Return of the Jedi and December’s The Force Awakens. Rumors of the Emperor’s death are “treasonous fabrications,” depending on who you ask.

As far as gameplay, this is an action-RPG about making your own character and then kitting them out with as much gear and skills as you can muster. There is co-op. There is also crew recruitment for “large-scale sector-wide battles that dictate the future of the game universe.” Don’t blow it!

If nothing else, I suppose we’ll be able to glean new lore from a wiki. The art is neat, too.

Jordan Devore
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