Star Wars: The Old Republic slated for October 2010 release?

If a report is to be believed, we may be playing Star Wars: The Old Republic next year. French fan Web site Star Wars-Universe is reporting that the ambitious MMO will drop in October 2010. In the piece, the release information is said to come from a Lucas Arts source person. That part might not be true.

Speaking with Destructoid, LucasArts senior PR manager Adam Kahn confirmed that a release date has yet to be announced. He also mentioned no one tied to the project announced a release either.

“There has been no release date announced for The Old Republic, from anyone related to the project,” Kahn said via e-mail.

Of course, the game could launch in September 2010. That part of the larger question Kahn, understandably, didn’t clarify. But whenever we do score the delicious details, we’ll let you know.

[via Massively]

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