Star Wars is what giant touch screens were made for

This thing completely passed under my radar, but it’s too awesome not to share. Grad student Arthur Nishimoto has been working at the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Electronic Visualization Laboratory on ways to turn enormous touch screen panels into what they were surely made for: gaming interfaces.

After creating a prototype for a Star Wars tactical space strategy game for a TacTile 52″ multi-touch display, inspired by Star Wars: Rebellion and Empire at War, he turned it into an 8160×2304 resolution version for a 20-feet wide 16 Megapixel LCD multi-touch wall. Because why the hell not? I’ll take one for my fictional future basement please.

Check out some other things Nishimoto made, and what the Electronic Visualization Laboratory is all about, below.

Watch these kids play Star Wars on a giant touch screen [Boing Boing] [Thanks Andrew!]

Maurice Tan