Star Wars Battlefront’s four gorgeous planets in just 30 seconds

And possibly more, you tourist

Most everyone who is interested in Star Wars Battlefront has a good idea by now if they’re buying it. The open beta last month served as a nice test run in that sense. We’ve all had an opportunity to see what we’re getting into.

While it’s not exactly indicative of the quality of Battlefront‘s final product, EA DICE released a short 30-second clip showing off the four planets. They’re dazzling. Note that the video’s not made up of gameplay footage, but it is in-engine capture.

Easy to digest, right? Less easy but interesting to some is an accompanying virtual tour of all the planets. The segmented videos stop at unique spots where you can read some facts and say “Oh, so this is where Wookie’s live, huh?”

Take a good look at Battlefront‘s playground now. In two weeks, you’ll be so busy dodging lasers that you won’t have time to fully appreciate it.

Brett Makedonski
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