Star Wars Battlefront has a team deathmatch mode, too

Blast off! Up to the stars we go

There’s an explanation for nearly all action in the Star Wars universe, but sometimes you don’t want to lean on reasoning as an excuse to shoot first. Sometimes you do it because it feels right (and because you want to argue about it for the next 40 years).

That’s what Star Wars Battlefront‘s Blast mode is all about — our base desires to kill the opposition without any extraneous objective nonsense getting in the way. More briefly put, it’s team deathmatch.

Battlefront‘s take on the well-known mode is a simple one: Rebels versus Imperials, ten against ten, first team to 100 kills wins (or whoever’s ahead after the ten-minute time limit). EA Dice designers say that all the Blast maps will be small in size so as to facilitate action. Some levels that were mentioned are the interiors of Endor, the canyons of Tatooine, and the ice caves of Hoth.

Most everyone’s familiar with the intricacies (or lack thereof) of this multiplayer staple. Kill and don’t get killed — that’s all you have to do to be successful. Yes, that will still hold true even in galaxies that are said to be far, far away. 

Blast Mode: Team Deathmatch in a Galaxy Far, Far, Away… [Star Wars Battlefront]

Brett Makedonski
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