Star Trek uniforms coming to Home soon, new trailer too

I need a new Star Trek movie about as bad as I need a fist in my eye. J.J. Abram’s upcoming take on the venerable franchise looks like a cross between Muppet Babies and Beverly Hills 90210 in space. Some fans would argue that this fusion is a good thing. Those fans probably like fists in their eyes.

Anyway, Paramount Pictures and Sony have teamed up to pump the dumb movie in PlayStation Home. Surprisingly, the promotional clothing doesn’t look all that bad. On April 23, players in Home will be able to obtain Starfleet uniforms (pictured above) from the Threads Store. Check out that mini-skirt, boys. Hello, nurse!

Of course, that’s not all: On Friday (tomorrow), you’ll be able to check out a new trailer for the movie and watch a message from J.J. Abrams. (Hint: He’ll probably talk about Star Trek.) Very, very exciting stuff.

[via Kotaku]

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