Star Trek Online’s ship printing service is live, is pricey

To boldly pay hundreds of dollars

If you’ve ever wanted to bring your own customized Star Trek Online ship to the physical realm, now is the time, as it seems that the game’s partnership with Mixed Dimensions’ GamePrint service is now live. As previously reported, GamePrint is a system that 3D-prints 12-inch physical models of players’ custom ships based on the in-game 3D models.

Based on the debut video below, PC users can now simply place an order directly from the in-game ship tailor. The pricing, though, might inspire some second thoughts. A fully-painted custom model with details and shading will run customers a cool $350, with single-color and primer-only versions costing $225 and $200, respectively. That’s kind of a lot for a ship model, though having it customized will probably be worth it to some folks.

Sadly, not every ship in Star Trek Online‘s hundreds-strong collection is available for printing, likely for licensing reasons (the Star Trek: Discovery ships) or practical concerns (the Iconian “Herald” ships defy the laws of physics). Check out a list of them here.

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