Star Trek Online to hit consoles as well

Today, Cryptic finally officially unveiled that they are working on Star Trek Online. Interestingly, not only PC players will have the ability to join in on the intergalactic fun. According to the game’s official page, it will also be developed for the console format. The game will utilize the same engine that is being used with Champions Online, so the natural indication is that Xbox 360 users will at least get the first crack at a home version of Star Trek Online.

In addition to format announcements, we do have a few details on the game. Much like the TV show, it appears that the theme of the game is discovery. Within this mold, players will be able to customize their own ships, train their crew, and then beam down to both planets and other ships for “face-to-face” confrontations. In addition to some mad Captain Kirk-esque hand-to-hand action, “thrilling space battles” have been promised. Shaking cockpit camera, Captain Kirk, Scott Bakula, or hot Vulcan women have yet to be confirmed.

The first gameplay footage will be shown at the Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas on August 10 at 1:30 PM, so if you’re really excited, you can don that commander uniform and meet up with the team at Cryptic to see the game in action. Personally, I won’t be able to attend the convention, but I’m still excited about the prospects. When the game was thrown down the tubes originally, I was crushed. I’ve never been a huge fan of the TV programs, but I think the gameplay elements are certainly attractive. Hopefully as information pours out, I’ll continue to keep my lust afloat.

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