Star Trek Online kicks off its 6th anniversary celebrations

With a 50th-year birthday soon-ish

Star Trek Online turns six years old this week, and it’s time for developer Cryptic to celebrate the fact as is the custom: By holding its yearly anniversary event.

Players that log in between now and February 24th can participate in a number of festive events, mostly involving playing minigames for Q to earn rewards that can be traded in for a fancy new playable starship. The anniversary also opens with a new story mission, titled “Time and Tide”, kicking off a new overarching plot for the game, involving time travel, technobabble, and deep cuts into Star Trek lore.

In related news, Star Trek itself is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year as well, and Cryptic have hinted that big things are in store for Star Trek Online to commemorate the occasion.

Anniversary Event [Star Trek Online]

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