Star Trek Online brings back alien Nazis in its Season 11.5 update

Because why not?

Star Trek Online is pretty cool if you’re a fan of deep cuts from Star Trek lore. Name an episode from any of the TV series over the last fifty years and there’s probably a reference to it tucked away in the game somewhere. The key driver for the latest set of updates to the game seems to be the “Temporal Cold War” storyline from Star Trek: Enterprise, which featured (naturally), a whole buttload of time travel shenanigans, including aliens in Nazi Germany, as featured in the two-parter “Storm Front.”

The Nazi aliens in question are called the Na’kuhl, and they’re the big baddies of STO‘s upcoming Season 11.5 update, which explores the reasons why the Na’kuhl are are pissy about time travel and what the people of the 25th century, with their fancy starships and beam lasers plan to do about it. Check out the trailer for the update above, which teases some coming moments from the ongoing storyline.

Debuting on April 12th, the update will also introduce a major revamp of the game’s character skill system, as well as new systems for endgame-level players to chew on. A random-prize lockbox will also hand out various Na’kuhl-themed goodies, including some spiffy-looking playable starships. 

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