Star Trek: Bridge Crew no longer requires VR

VR and non-VR players can even team up

With today’s PC and PS4 update, Ubisoft’s social space sim Star Trek: Bridge Crew no longer requires players to use a virtual-reality headset. If you’ve been trying to talk your friends into playing (or vice versa), that conversation should be simpler now. VR and non-VR players can form a crew together.

This should definitely help get some fresh blood in the matchmaking system.

The update also includes “graphical enhancements that were created specifically for non-VR,” according to game director Brian Tate, who adds that “if you have a high-end PC, you can enable these features and get an even more graphically impressive experience in virtual reality.”

Lastly, Bridge Crew has added support for Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew Now Playable Without VR After Free Update [Ubisoft]

Jordan Devore
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