Star Fox Zero’s motion controls can’t be fully disabled

Name one game motion controls made better

IGN reports that, despite earlier claims, motion controls can’t be fully disabled for Star Fox Zero.

Nintendo issued a statement explaining that “motion controls cannot be entirely disabled in Star Fox Zero, although players will have some options to choose how they are implemented. The game was designed to be played with motion controls, and it would be incredibly difficult to complete certain areas of the game without the independent aiming and flight that they offer.”

Not great news for those of us who don’t love motion controls (read: most of us), or for the game being accessible to players of all types. I can’t think of a single game made better with motion control, though I’ve heard some people prefer it in Splatoon. I hope Nintendo reconsiders, but seeing as how Star Fox Zero is supposed to come out next month, I don’t see that happening.

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