Star Fox Zero was expanded to feel like a ‘more robust’ Star Fox game

Miyamoto discusses the game’s new direction, Retro Arwing, and more

During an interview with IGN, Miyamoto shared some more information about Star Fox Zero, including reasons for the delayed release date, gameplay improvements, amiibo functionality, and Star Fox Guard.

It seems the delay was partially due to fan feedback. Nintendo originally went with a more casual “pick-up-and-play” style where you could choose whichever mission you wanted to play for quick sessions. It has since been changed to feel like a “more robust, bigger Star Fox game” after fans mentioned the original idea didn’t feel true to the franchise. Maps have been expanded upon with a focus on shortcuts and alternate paths, better AI and enemy placement, and other such improvements.

Miyamoto touched on some of the amiibo functionality as well. The Fox amiibo will unlock the Retro Arwing skin, so players can fly around as the simple, Super Nintendo-style Arwing. It’s a neat addtion, even if it looks a bit bizarre next to the textured backgrounds. He also mentioned there will be one more piece of amiibo content that they plan to reveal soon.

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