Star Fox Zero site mentions online features, probably nothing

Temper your excitement

When Star Fox Zero was announced at E3, Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto said the company was prioritizing single-player (and 60 frames per second) and that there would be no online multiplayer at all. That still seems to be the case despite recent findings of 1) a Nintendo UK listing showing 1-2 players and 2) the Star Fox Zero site reading, “Additional accessories required for multiplayer; sold separately” and “Broadband Internet access required for online features.”

Co-op has been known since E3 (one player flies and the other shoots), however, so the player count isn’t new. Similarly, “online features” could be anything as benign as a leader board or the Miiverse.

Unless Nintendo and Platinum are taking the delay into 2016 as a shot to really blow things out of the water, these tidbits don’t seem to point at anything.

Cool new art on that site, though!

[via GoNintendo]

Steven Hansen