Star Defense will have you defending stars from alien hordes

Tower defense games will never get old. Especially if developers like Rough Cookie keep reinventing the wheel. A few weeks ago, we brought you a trailer for Star Defense, an iPhone tower defense title. Now, we bring you another trailer.

And better details. Star Defense is a 3D tower defense title where you defend planets from alien attack. Simple enough. But here’s the deal (and the screens give you a better indication): attacks come in planet-sized waves. You’ll be spinning worlds with your fingers as you analyze terrain and decide where to place the next turret along grooves in the surface.

Judging from the screens, the action looks like it can get hectic in a hurry. Hit the break for the trailer and a little bullet-point summary of what the game will have.

Star Defense hits the App Store this May.

  • Build your defenses by selecting from 15 weapon-types each with their own specific attributes, firing ranges and reload frequencies.
  • Secure and defend an entire galaxy comprising 7 breathtaking worlds.  Distinct path layout, enemy types and immunities, and weapon choices combine to create a truly unique gameplay experience on each planet.
  • Earn Medals and unlock Commendations by achieving glory in battle and accomplishing specific feats.
  • Go for the ultimate survival record by pitting your skills against an infinite number of S’rath invaders, providing endless hours of tower defense action.
  • Stunning graphics and 3D environments showcase an amazing galaxy of beautiful planets and backgrounds, incredibly detailed alien invaders, and meticulously crafted towers – this is tower defense like you’ve never seen it before!


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