Star Citizen had 40GB of assets leaked, and dang they’re huge

A million bucks didn’t plug this leak

Star Citizen, the game that’s managed to crowdfund enough money to buy a small country, has suffered a pretty substantial leak of assets.

According to Reddit, a community manager for developer Cloud Imperium Games accidentally release part of a URL linking to Cryengine assets to be used in the game. A fan managed to guess the rest of the URL and managed to download 40GB of assets before CIG noticed and took it down.

The assets acquired can be seen in this YouTube video, in particular showing the game’s colossal Bengal Carrier ship which would require multiple people to control and maintain. It’s pretty freaking huge.

However, this is assets being run in a different version of CryEngine that Star Citizen utilises, so probably doesn’t truly reflect how it will appear or work in-game. Work is still being done to explore all of the assets downloaded. It’s mainly good for showing how fucking huge the Bengal Carrier is.

Joe Parlock