Standalone DJ Hero turntables available at NA retailers

What gives? Weren’t there standalone DJ Hero turntable peripherals for sale before? You are correct! Back in early December, Activision was selling the controllers directly from its site for a pretty penny. Now, all North American retailers can join in the fun of carrying even more large music game-containing boxes.

We got the heads up that this deal is now in effect, meaning you can presumably run out today to pick up an extra DJ Hero controller for $59.99. Sounds more appealing than paying $99.99 for a full game + turntable bundle. Although, didn’t Amazon recently have the bundle for $59.99? Now there’s a bargain.

It’s also worth mentioning that the first 100,000 people who pick one of these packages up will receive a free poster for their valiant efforts. Based on the image we received, I’m led to believe this is the world’s smallest “poster.”

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