Stalin vs. Martians pushed back, but don’t stop dancing

With today being 4/20, you can plainly see why the three companies behind Stalin vs. Martians, Dreamlore, BWF, and N-Game, wanted to get their product out the door. However, the insane arcade-style RTS won’t be making it out as scheduled, since the teams are performing some last minute tweaks on the game.

Stalin vs. Martians is still available for pre-order digitally, and you can find it over at either Direct2Drive or Gamersgate, whichever you prefer. But what about Steam, you ask? Last time I checked, SvM was nowhere to be found on the distribution service; it stinks, I know.

For the time being, I suppose you could join me in trying to pick apart all of the photo’s intricacies.

Jordan Devore
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