Staff of Kings whips out its story

The first video in a new series of videos for the upcoming Wii game Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings proves two things. One that the game will indeed have a story and two that no matter how many times you hear it the Indiana Jones theme never gets old. The graphics and gameplay shown off in the video actually look pretty solid too, and have raised my hopes substantially for the game.

If you had mentioned that Spielberg and Lucas were heavily involved with the game’s story any time before the last 10-15 minutes of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull I would have greeted that fact with much joy. However, having seen the last ten minutes of the film and watched in horror as the entire theater attempted to flee before Indiana Jones was ruined forever by space aliens I am nothing but concerned about this. Thankfully the game is taking place only one year after The Last Crusade and thus won’t have any children, but will hopefully have Nazis. I say this because as a general rule of thumb Nazis make Indiana Jones better, and a lack of them make him worse. 

Matthew Razak