SSX iPhone delayed… wait, that’s a thing?

I’ll be honest, I had no idea that Electronic Arts had announced a version of SSX for the iPhone. Apparently this happened back in March, during the Game Developers Conference as part of a 2009 line-up. 

As a fan of SSX, I say “neat.” But where is it? There hasn’t been a single screenshot of the game released, and EA hasn’t even mentioned it since it’s GDC reveal. Where you at, SSX for the iPhone? 

“No comment at this time,” an EA spokesperson told Pocket Gamer when asked about the game’s release. 

I can’t say this is too upsetting for me, as (like I said) I had no idea it existed. But for those who were wondering, there you go — it exists, or did at one point, but it’s not coming out this year. Now how about a next-gen SSX, EA? Seriously, this is getting ridiculous.

Nick Chester