Squid Sisters perform live, are rumored to get their own amiibo

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Splatoon‘s regular roll-out of free weapon and stage updates has come to an end, but fan fever for the budding franchise is as hot as ever. A recent Splatoon event in Japan drew huge crowds, sporting real life replicas of Splatoon weaponry, a spawn point area for photo posing, and even a full-on Squid Sisters live show. The two fictional idols managed to take the concept of imaginary performances to a new level, appearing in hologram form and singing in a completely nonsensical Inkling “language” to an adoring, actual flesh-and-blood crowd. 

This would have been a perfect time for the sisters to announce that they’ve got their own amiibo in the works, but for whatever reason, they passed on the opportunity. Still, it’s looking like the two Inkling idols will inevitably get their own NFC-infused figurines. Dataminers have discovered files for “AmiiboIdolA” and “AmiiboIdolB” in the game’s code, indicating that fake plastic Marie and Callie may be making their way to stores sometime in 2016. 

The way we’re headed, it won’t be long until portable singing hologram amiibo will have replaced videogames as the dominant form of modern interactive entertainment. 

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