Squid Now – A Splatoon avant-garde art film

By your favorite person alive, me!

Better than anything David Cage has been making” – Edgar Velasco (MoonSpiderHugs)

You’ve gotta be squidding me.” – Zainré Fang

So Nintendo hired David Lynch to create a Splatoon commercial?” – quetzalcoatl88

Why am I crying is this art” – Troy Edwards

“My favorite thing the internet has given me today.” – Conrad Zimmerman

I remember when this channel was actually good… this is just a cry for attention…” – Ninjathehedgehog800

Above are just some of the rave reviews of my avant-garde high art film, Squid Now, inspired by this commercial for the soon-to-be released Splatoon. You should give it a watch, though you probably won’t grasp it because it transcends normal existence and thought. 

Jed Whitaker