Squeenix to take a break from FFVII briefly and make DS puzzle game

Those waiting for Square-Enix to stop with the spin-offs and remakes and do something original are in luck — a new DS puzzle game in which you match falling colored blocks is on the way! According to Famitsu magazine, Yosumin is Square-Enix’s web puzzler in which you arrange blocks into squares and rectangles to destroy them. That sounds … familiar.

While we all wait for Final Fantasy VII: Meltdown Afterecho Omega Tragedy Surplus Double Twin Moons Symphony of Wartortles Machina to arrive, it’s good to know we’ll have something groundbreaking from the RPG masters to tide us over. I kid of course, it could be the greatest game to ever happen ever in the history of ever. That covers me for my sarcasm, just in case it does turn out to be awesome.

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James Stephanie Sterling