Square has ‘no plans’ for Final Fantasy XIV on Xbox 360

Square-Enix shocked the world last year at E3 when they announced that Final Fantasy XIII would see a release on the Xbox 360. If you were expecting a similar announcement for the upcoming MMO in the venerable RPG franchise, it never came and you are no doubt curled in the fetal position crying over the lack of information.

RPG Site spoke with the game’s producer, Hiromichi Tanaka, about the likelihood of seeing the title on Microsoft’s console. Stating that they were still in negotiations with Microsoft over a possible 360 port, Tanaka revealed that development is only being performed on PC and PS3 versions of the game at this time, despite some evidence to the contrary.

The figures of such a deal would have to be astronomical, but getting an MMO with the pedigree of the Final Fantasy name on Xbox Live would be a big feather in Microsoft’s cap. I’d be highly surprised if we don’t see the game come to the 360 at some point. This just sounds to me like the industry game being played out the way it always is.

E3: Final Fantasy XIV Interview [RPG Site via Ripten]

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