Square Enix’s ‘Ultimate Kiss’ label for love games

Do you know of that reverbed, passionate sounding “uuuuh!” noise they always use in Japanese television and anime to introduce something romantic or horny? I can emulate that sound perfectly — you should hear it. It’s my only real party trick. Imagine me doing it now to kick off this story.

Square Enix has announced a new love game brand and label called “Ultimate Kiss.” If it sounds girly, it should, as they focus on the girl-loving-boys genre, better known as Otome games. This is all romance, sparkles and guys with perfect hair and trim builds. In these games you’ll always play a girl that tries to get down with any/all of the hot boys in your life. Cue that sound again!

The first game is called Tobe! Mainhane Koukou Engekibu, which Andria Sang says translates to Fly! Maihane High School Theater Club. In this game it seems that the school theater club lacks members and is about to be closed forever. To keep afloat, the club must recruit members to win a tournament that will take place in three months. You play as a female stage hand that ends up being the only one that can enter the bit tourney, and you’ll be stuck talking to the hot boys to try to get them in your theater club. 

This launch game for the label is a free mobile title in Japan, available at the Hangame Mobile portal. They plan to make money off item transactions. 

Dale North