Square Enix’s robot shooter Figureheads is coming to PS4 with Xenogears costumes

Already on PC

Japan gets all the cool mech stuff.

Over in the east, Square Enix has yet another franchise in Figureheads, a free-to-play tactical shooter for PC. I hear it’s actually good, so it’s great that we may see a better chance of a localization now that it’s hitting PS4 on March 9. Along with the port it’ll bring a PVE mode where teammates can fight superbosses.

Oh, and it also has a Xenogears costume set (Weltall, Brigandier, Siebzehn) if you pre-register. I mean, all of the hits just keep on coming, swiftly to the head with this one. Xenogears costumes in a PVE mech shooter? Can someone put Xenogears outfits into the new Heavy Gear game?

Figureheads [Hachima Kikou via Gematsu]

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