Square Enix’s ‘I Am Setsuna’ may come to Vita in the west if there’s interest


Yesterday, Square Enix revealed that I am Setsuna (previously known as Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna) was coming west, on PC and PS4 — but not on Vita, like Japan. USGamer caught up with the project’s director Atsushi Hashimoto at GDC, and asked if we’d possibly see a Vita version of the game. Basically, the answer was “if there’s demand.”

I know the director was kind of (rightfully) put on the spot here, but I wish more developers were just honest about it. You don’t need to throw the Vita under the bus and say Sony ruined everything with its poor marketing strategy, greed, and proprietary memory cards — just say the install base for the Vita in the west is low, and we likely wouldn’t recoup our costs, so we’re going for PC instead.

Wishful thinking?

I Am Setsuna Director: “We’d Consider the Vita Version for the U.S.” [US Gamer]

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