Square Enix’s Front Mission Evolved TGS trailer looks hot

In true Square Enix fashion, this Front Mission Evloved trailer, created for next week’s Tokyo Game Show, is filled with exciting CG and a rousing soundtrack. Missiles fly about, buildings crumble, and giant mechs go at it. Awesome. And, just like they always do, they’ve left out game play footage. Even still, the trailer does its job of getting us excited about their newest addition to the series.

In case you’ve missed it, Square Enix has dumped the strategy RPG game play for third-person shooting action. The reworking comes by way of comes from Double Helix. The game is coming out for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC, too. 

I’ll miss the SRPG elements, but I also love giant mechs.  This could be great. Here’s hoping we’ll see more than fancypants CG in the coming weeks.

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