Square Enix wants you to sing for Gun Loco

Square Enix is holding what might potentially be the greatest contest of all time. On September 9, the official Gun Loco website will have an MP3 and a lyric sheet to download. If you download these items and then sing the song, and Square Enix likes it enough, you will have won a chance to appear in the game itself. 

There’s no clue as to what the song will be yet, but given that the game so far has had nothing but roaring guitars for backing music, I’m guessing (and hoping) there will be a need for screaming and screeching. Either way, your old pal Jim Sterling has resolved to enter the contest himself. If there’s a chance for some screaming and pretending to Dani Filth, I want in!

Stay tuned on September 9 for more details, and possibly a sneak preview of my own winning attempt.

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