Square-Enix wants to sell you FF1 for the 7th time – Updated!

Traditionally, a 20th anniversary with your spouse might come with gifts of fine china or, in the modern tradition, something made of platinum. Square-Enix, on the other hand, likes to celebrate the big two-oh by offering you yet another chance to own Final Fantasy I and II on yet another platform: the PSP. Square-Enix announced fairly recently that, amongst a slew of other ports for the handheld en route, the first two Final Fantasy titles would make another appearance to mark the 20th anniversary of the series. This latest port will mark FFI‘s 7th revision. No, seriously.

And as a special anniversary gift to you, the loyal Final Fantasy fanbase, Square-Enix is releasing the games separately, IGN reported last week. That’s right! Two games almost twenty years old that you probably own three to four times over by now, both served hot and ready for $34.99 a piece. The games — branded as “Anniversary Editions” — will be retooled to fit the PSP’s larger, widescreen resolution and include cinematics from the PSX’s Final Fantasy Origins as well as the additional dungeons and features from the GBA’s Dawn of Souls. If you ask me: unless it also waxes the car that I don’t own, it’s not worth buying for the 7th time. 


: Okay, I guess it is worth buying for the 7th time. Looks as though Square-Enix has really pulled out all the stops in revising the graphics for the PSP port — much, much more than a simple upscaling in resolution. Dig the screenshots below, pulled from the latest issue of Famitsu. If you’re curious, check out this image comparison detailing the same battle screen from all seven versions of the original Final Fantasy.

Pretty though it may be, does it make for a worthy purchase? Hit the comments and let us know!

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